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BusinextCoin is developed on the Ethereum blockchain

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We provide services of writing refined ICO whitepaper and prepare the smart contract for your coin.

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  • Start Date:
    March (exact date TBA)
  • End Date:
    18 days after start date
  • Soft Cap:
    € 4,280,000
  • Hard Cap:
    € 14,820,000
  • Discount:
  • Minimum Contribution:
    € 50
  • Maximum Contribution:
    € 25,000
  • Accepted Currencies:
    NEO, GAS
  • Maximum Supply:
    650,000,000 tokens
  • Token Sale Percentage:

BusinextCoin Timeline.

In our view, the influence of technology has gone far out of our imagination.
Essential Concepts
We have associated with a technical partner, Lome Inc. for handling the coding part of our crypto-to-be.
Initial Ideas
Although the concept of digital currency is yet new to the common man, the markets are already blown off by it.
Blockchain Creation
By creating BusinextCoin, we've been able to build new and unique features for our new cryptocurrency.
Crypto Fork Design
Creating a crypto fork that allows us to use the already existing open-source code for our cryptocurrency.
Smart Contract Signing
Once the smart contract was signed, our BusinextCoin had come into existence immediately on market.

Skillful Advisors.

Skills and knowledge are things that come with the passage of time.

Dedicated Team.

When being dedicated to something, your efforts will pay off.

Don Wilson

Business Director

Don Wilson

Business Director
Don Wilson spares no imperfections in his plan and always execute things with the highest precision and efficiency.

Ivana Kostov

Finance Director

Ivana Kostov

Finance Director
Ivana is a blockchain counselor with more than 10 year's experience in investment and funding in the crypto-world.

Kamen Trendafi

Marketing Vice-director

Kamen Trendafi

Marketing Vice-director
Kamen Trendafi is a blockchain advocate with extensive experience in both the legal and the investor side of the crypto-world.

Bilyana Christova

Finance Counselor

Bilyana Christova

Finance Counselor
Bilyana Christova takes on the toughest responsibilities in work but he always completes them with a high dedication for details.

Joro Yordanov

Marketing Staff

Joro Yordanov

Marketing Staff
Joro is a highly capable and active staff who has been working in marketing area for as long as FrankCoin exists.

Plamen Todorov

Technical Leader

Plamen Todorov

Technical Leader
Don't underestimate the power of this gentle lady, she is the fiercest when it comes to coding and other technical problems.

Vinny Lingham

Head Designer

Vinny Lingham

Head Designer
Vinny Lingham knows clearly what he wants and how to achieve them through hard work, passion, and dedication.

Boris Delev

Senior Design

Boris Delev

Senior Design
Boris Delev's extra-vivid imagination brings about a lot of unique and original concepts for designing great plans.
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Businext embraces clean pre-made demos, headers and portfolios exclusively designed for businesses & corporates operating in a wide range of industries. Highly responsive, professional and functional are what you can enjoy from this multipurpose theme.

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01 month 24 months
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